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Human_Race-Crowns-150x150Miriam Rosenthal was a defining force in the landscape of the Dayton performing arts community. In addition to guiding the public relations and business affairs of the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra for more than thirty years, she brought to Memorial Hall world-famous orchestras, concert artists, and dance companies. Additionally, during World War II, Miriam Rosenthal staged three short seasons of grand opera. Now, decades after her passing, her love for the arts continues to spread throughout our community with the Miriam Rosenthal Foundation for the Arts.

About Miriam Rosenthal

Miriam Rosenthal was not a person of great personal means, although she was generous in sharing what she did have. It is a fact that during a 25-30 year period in Dayton’s history beginning in the early 1930s, hardly any major community project of fund-raising effort was undertaken without Miriam’s behind-the-scenes participation and planning. Learn more.

A History of Enrichment

Following Miriam Rosenthal’s death in 1965, a group of Dayton’s most prominent citizens, under the leadership of Robert S. Oelman (NCR), David Rike (Rike’s) and Eugene Kettering, organized a memorial trust fund to honor her and to perpetuate her interest in the cultural life of the community. Learn more.