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The charge given to this “community” memorial foundation is quite formidable. Through the quiet support of cultural institutions and projects for 50 years, the Foundation Board has made a concerted effort “to carry on in the Miriam Rosenthal manner.” Sometimes this has meant “paying for the fiddlers,” as Miriam herself knew had to be done. Often, it has meant taking a leap of faith. As stated earlier, one of Miriam Rosenthal’s favorite proverbs concerned the harvesting of fruits after the rain. Indeed the Foundation Board has planted some seeds and have watched most of them grow.

Community work, in every sense of the word, is partnership. It most often begins with a need, is enriched by inspiration, requires leadership that engenders confidence, trust and support, and culminates in informed action. The Miriam Rosenthal Foundation for the Arts seeks to partner with other community resources in sustaining and, where appropriate, growing the cultural life of the greater Dayton community. As needed, the Foundation will be the enabler, the leader, the voice of concern, the quiet supporter, and/or the willing partner. This was the role of the Foundation’s honoree.

The financial growth of the Foundation is determined by wise investment counsel, sound grant-making practices, and generous contributors. In the years since the creation of this community memorial, major additions to the Foundation’s principal have been made by Mrs. Virginia W. Kettering, the Kettering Fund, the Rike Family Fund, Betsy and Lee Whitney, and Susan Kettering. Contributions from many other individuals have had an aggregate impact.

What needs to happen going forward is for others in the community to join in this long-term effort to bring quality and depth to the cultural life of this community. Financial support is needed to keep the arts thriving. Remember, this Foundation is a community Foundation, and as of this time, the only foundation in the greater Dayton community dedicated solely to the arts. The Foundation Board invites you to share in the work of the Foundation Fund through your own financial participation. Annual gifts, memorial gifts, and estate gifts are welcome in any amounts. Please contact the Fund’s secretary to begin your participation. We will work with you, your attorney, trust officer, and/or investment counselor to maximize the impact of your contribution.

Miriam Rosenthal Foundation for the Arts

c/o Richard F. Carlile
145 Wisteria Drive
Dayton, OH 45419
Phone: (941) 293-9065
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The Miriam Rosenthal Foundation for the Arts is a non-profit foundation. Federal ID# 31-6055183.