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Foundation Administration

Foundation Administration
BalletAdministration of the Miriam Rosenthal Foundation for the Arts primarily is the responsibility of the Foundation Board. Specific duties of the Board are established in the originating Trust Fund document that created the Trust (and as revised in 2005 and in 2013).

Working closely with the Foundation Board is the Trustee, required by the Foundation Document. The Trustee is responsible for all filings required by Federal and State governments. Also, the Trustee completes and files the Foundation’s tax return. Additionally, the Trustee makes all fund disbursements and provides complete accounting information to the Foundation Board. The current Trustee is CIBC, Chicago, Illinois.

Miriam Rosenthal Foundation for the Arts Board

  • Richard C. McCauley, Chairman
  • Richard F. Carlile, Secretary
  • Diane B. Brunn
  • William H. Caldwell
  • Steven J. Meyer
  • Shaun P. Nicholson
  • Cathy Ponitz
  • Stephanie R. Knox
  • Scott A. Spears