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American Mosaic

American Mosiac
The 2015-2016 performance season marked the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Miriam Rosenthal Foundation for the Arts (formerly the Miriam Rosenthal Memorial Trust Fund). A community-wide celebration took place on the weekend of September 19-20, 2015 with performances at the Schuster Center. Seven of Dayton’s award-winning performing arts organizations came together for the first time to perform on one program. This celebration, entitled American Mosaic, featured performances by the Dayton Ballet, Dayton Opera, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, the Human Race Theatre Company, the Muse Machine, the Bach Society of Dayton, and the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation elected to honor the memory of Miriam Rosenthal and celebrate this momentous occasion by presenting to the community the very arts organizations the Foundation has supported. “This was a time for the community to celebrate the wonderful quality of the performing arts that we are blessed to have,” said Richard McCauley, Foundation Chairman. “We are indebted to the artistic directors, administrators and performers who came together to make this special program possible. It was a memorable occasion.”

The concert program featured an array of vocal, instrumental, theatrical, and dance works by well known American composers/writers including, Aaron Copland, Douglas Moore, Jule Styne, Tennessee Williams, Randall Thompson, Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Simon & Garfunkel and others.
Performances were held on Saturday, September 19th at 8 PM, and Sunday, September 20th at 3 PM.