1. Eligibility

The Miriam Rosenthal Foundation strictly limits grant recipients to non-profit, incorporated organizations as determined by the Internal Revenue Code and as registered with the Attorney General’s Office, State of Ohio. Applying organizations must have as their primary mission that of serving residents of the greater Dayton area through the presentation of arts events and activities. Organizations desiring more information, seeking counsel regarding specific grant proposals or intending to apply for grant support should contact the Foundation Chairman.

2. Pre-Submission and Submission Timeline

Any organization wishing to apply for a grant must first submit an outline of the project (or draft of the application) to the Foundation’s Chairman at least three weeks prior to the grant deadline. This may be done via email or U.S. mail. The Chairman will review the outline, discuss any concerns with the applicant, and disqualify any application that does not fully meet the requirements of the Foundation.

The Chairman is also available for consultation on possible grant projects and/or guidance in completing the application form. All requested interim and final project reports, grant payment requests, and questions concerning the Foundation should be addressed to the Chairman.

Approved applicants are required to complete and submit this application form indicating clearly in which of the three program types it wishes to compete for funding. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Application deadlines have not changed:

  • April 1 for projects beginning no earlier than November of the same year
  • October 1 for projects beginning no earlier than May of the following year

(Note: from time to time, the specific application deadline may be modified because of Foundation business. Be sure to check with the Foundation Board prior to submitting an application.)

3. Notifications

Applicants will be notified about the disposition of their grant applications 45-60 days following the above submission dates. A qualified applying organization may apply to multiple grant programs in a grant cycle (spring or fall), but will not be awarded more than one grant in each cycle.

The specific timetable for payment of grant monies will be negotiated with each recipient organization. Generally, no more than 50% of the grant will be paid in advance of the project’s completion. Final payment will be made when all requirements of the project have been met including submission of both a final accounting summary and a final narrative/evaluation report to the Foundation.

4. Funding Ineligibility

At this time, the Foundation will not accept funding requests for the following:

  • Capital funding
  • Foundation or endowment gifts
  • Underwriting for fund-raising projects
  • Scholarships

5. Application Form

The Miriam Rosenthal Foundation for the Arts considers grant requests for three distinct programs. Approved applicants are required to complete and submit the application form below indicating clearly in which of the three programs it wishes to compete for funding. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Grant Program #1:

Special Project Funding—Activities Outside Regular Programming


The Foundation makes available programs or events that are special opportunities and significantly enrich the cultural life of the community. In this grant program, Special Projects may not be part of the organization’s regular or on-going programming; however, they may become “institutionalized” if successful in their initial year(s).

Generally, activities for which grant support is requested will:

  • Be performance-related
  • Substantially increase the quality and/or scope of cultural activities in the Dayton area
  • Demonstrate tangible benefits to the broad community and its residents
  • Comprise a pilot program that may become part of the organization’s on-going program.

Grant Program #2:

Special Project Funding-Activities within Regular Programming


Organizations seeking grant support through this program must demonstrate clearly what separates the proposed grant activity from the organization’s routine or usual business. This explanation will be the pivotal element in the applying organization’s successful grant application.

Generally, activities for which grant support is requested will:

  • Be performance-related
  • Fall within the context of an existing program or series
  • Have its specialness more than likely defined using one or more of the following explanations:
  • Extraordinary expenses involved
  • Risk factor(s) that necessitate special funding without which the existing program or series would be jeopardized
  • rtistic “stretch” – beyond the usual or expected norm – possibly because of added personnel expense, needed rehearsal or preparation time, or special qualifications of the personnel involved
  • Unusual opportunity or dimension of the project not generally associated with other activities in the existing program or series

Grant Program #3:

Funding for the Study and Effective Management of Core (Key) Issues Facing the Community’s Arts Organizations


The Foundation wishes to partner with the arts organizations and other funding sources to look at critical issues and to identify “best practices” solutions. Areas for study might include:

  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Financial strategies
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Operational efficiencies

It is expected that a group of arts organizations will cooperate in submitting such a grant request and in so doing will agree to participate fully in any resulting study and research. Lack of full disclosure and buy-in would be grounds for the grant monies to be reduced or withdrawn. One organization will have to serve as the project’s fiscal agent and be identified as such in the application. All organizations participating in the grant request will have to sign off on the grant application.


Application Submission

Applications must be typed and submitted on the Foundation’s Grant Application Form (no revisions or edits will be accepted). Twelve (12) copies of the application, including any cover letter, are required. Two of the copies must have original signatures and include all of the required supplemental materials. Please do not use covers or binders and do not staple any pages together.

Application materials must be submitted on time and received at the following address on or before the appropriate date:

Miriam Rosenthal Foundation for the Arts
Attn: Richard C. McCauley, Chairman
6424 Autumn Woods Way
Sarasota, FL 34243
Phone: (941) 350-0158

Email Richard McCauley