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Current Grant Projects

Currant Grant Projects

Through its competitive grants process, the Miriam Rosenthal Foundation for the Arts selected three projects for the new arts season. Organizations sponsoring/presenting these projects are the Bach Society of Dayton, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, and the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance.


DCDC Celebrates its 50th Anniversary 

Dayton’s premier contemporary dance company will culminate its 50th Anniversary Celebration with a special performance at the Schuster Center on May 4, 2019. The Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra will join forces with DCDC on this special occasion. 

Included in this anniversary performance will be an original work choreographed by Kevin Ward, former Artistic Director of DCDC. Mr. Ward is serving as Project Manager for the 50th Anniversary Celebration Performance. 

Another highlight of the concert will be a performance by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band from New Orleans. Other works on the program include American Mo by Crystal Michelle, and Children of the Passage by Donald McKayle and Ronald K. Brown. The latter work was debuted at the performance that marked the 50th Anniversary of the Miriam Rosenthal Foundation for the Arts in 2015. 

A major grant from the Rosenthal Foundation underwrites this Anniversary Performance.


Bach Society of Dayton to perform St. Matthew Passion 

The Rosenthal Foundation will be the sole underwriter for the Bach Society’s March 2019 performance of Johann Sebastian Bach’s monumental St. Matthew Passion.

The scale of this choral work is so great that it is seldom presented. As written, this one of two Bach “passions” requires two orchestras, multiple special instruments, two choirs including a treble choir, and six soloists–one of whom serves as narrator. 

Collaborating with the Bach Society in presenting this performance will be the University of Dayton Chamber Choir and musicians from the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Dr. R. Alan Kimbrough, who has served as accompanist for the Bach Society during the past 40 years, will be honored by the presentation of his favorite Bach work. 


New Production of Sleeping Beauty: The Story of Briar Rose

The Dayton Ballet has not performed Sleeping Beauty in more than thirty-five years; the last time was in 1980 when the Ballet performed Stuart Sebastian’s classical libretto ballet version.

As envisioned by Ms. Burke, the new production will have a horticultural theme and will feature whimsical flower fairies and woodland creatures who will retell the story of Briar Rose, adopted by a childless couple. The “prince” is an arborist named Arden, and the villain, a vulture called Cinereous. The story will remain the well-known classic tale, but with an inventive perspective on the theme of “good vs evil.”

In addition to the Dayton Ballet professional company of dancers, the cast will include dancers from Dayton Ballet II. The Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra will accompany Dayton Ballet, performing the well-known score of Tchaikovsky.

A special feature of this project, and in keeping with the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance’ vision to “transform lives through the power of music and dance”, will be Dayton Ballet’s first ballet to be adapted to include a sensory-friendly performance. For individuals with sensory sensitivities like Autism Spectrum Disorder and Social Cognitive Disorders, this extra performance of Sleeping Beauty should be a safe, comfortable, welcoming and enriching arts experience.

Current plans are for Sleeping Beauty: The Story of Briar Rose to be debuted in April 2019.