General Operating Support Funds Sustain Local Arts

At its spring 2021 meeting, the Board of the Miriam Rosenthal Foundation awarded $120,000 in general operating support to six local performing arts organizations. The grants were made in an effort to help these organizations meet the challenges of the upcoming arts season. Benefiting from these grants are the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, Human Race Theatre Company, Dayton Opera, Dayton Ballet, and Muse Machine.

In announcing these awards, Board Chairman Richard McCauley said: “The year ahead is one of transition for all of the arts organizations – moving beyond the restrictions that were in place during the Pandemic. They now face challenges in fulfilling their missions through a variety of program formats including streaming, performances before live audiences, and, recordings and tapes with which to enhance their education programs for school children of all ages. The 2021-22 arts season will hopefully bring back audiences to Dayton’s various performance venues.”